Department of Computer Science and IT Introduction

The digital age has transformed the world and the workforce and, as a result, computer science and related technologies have become an essential part of our daily life activities. To be well-educated global citizens in a computing intensive world and to be prepared for careers in the 21st Century, it is imperative that students have a clear understanding of the principles and practices of computer science. No other subject opens as many career doors in the21st Century, regardless of a student’s ultimate field of study or occupation, as computer science. The department provides quality and value-laden education in Computing Discipline in order to produce scientifically, technologically, and professionally competent graduates who are adept to perform a significant role in the continuing transformation of the local and global society. We are committed to produce graduates with both research and development skills. Our nationally and foreign qualified academic staff specializes in diverse fields within the area of computer science. Realizing the importance of this Golden Trade Triangle, the University of Gujrat has set-up a state-of-the-art Computer Science Department to support businesses automation and technological re-engineering of business of this region by producing quality graduates. Department of computer science and IT was established in 2014 with initial program of BS (IT). The department is now offering BS(CS) with curriculum designed according to the requirement of HEC and NCEAC standards. The curriculum of respective degree programs includes a variety of courses to serve a wide variety of students having interest in information processing and all other applied fields to cope-up with various career opportunities in the modern era. However, a continuously innovative and technologically compatible content of the curriculum is strengthening our students, which should be fit for broader career opportunities, which are exciting, rewarding, and greatly needed for a rapidly developing country

Faculty Introduction

Mr. Adnan Waheed

Assistant Professor & Head of Department
MS Computer System & Eng.
Liu, Sweden

Mr. Zaeem Nazir

Associate Lecturer
MS Computer Science.
G.C University, Lahore

Mr. Zishan Zafar

MS Network Security.
Glasgow Caledonian University
Glasgow Scotland

Mr. Fahed Ali

Associate Lecturer
MS Computer Science.
The University of Lahore, Lahore

Mr. Waseem Younas

Associate Lecturer
Ms in Telecom and Network.
Iqra University, Islamabad

For the success of above mentioned programs, all necessary facilities are provided in the department. The state of the art Information Technology laboratories is available for students to gain practical skills along with theoretical knowledge. Library and internet facility is also available to equip the students with knowledge of ongoing research and development all over the Globe. University transport is also available for the students.

The structure of BS (CS) is proposed to meet the needs of students with formal computing experience and with established relevant skills. The students are expected to learn theoretical and practical understanding of the entire field of Computer Science. The proposed structure is dynamic and provides basis for various options including Breadth-Based, Depth-Based, and Integrated Breadth & Depth-Based specializations. Students may choose a particular option, which is most appropriate to their planned future career..

The Graduates in Computer Science can adopt versatile fields of Information technology as career path. They can join Defense organizations as data analyst officers, various Research and development organizations in public and private sectors. Students with specialization in data sciences may adopt any Industries as career path. They can be part of automation of industries manufacturing for wide range of products from daily use to air travel. They can also join academic organizations like schools, colleges and Universities. In short, the career opportunities for Graduates are countless and it depends on individuals how they plan to achieve their goals.

The prospective candidates require at least 45% marks in their HSSC or an equivalent examination i.e. ICS, Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medical with Additional Mathematics or three years’ diploma from any Government Polytechnic Institute in Electrical /Electronics /IT /Computer Hardware/ Telecom duly recognized from Pakistan Board of Technical Education (PBTE). A candidate must have studied Mathematics of 200 marks at HSSC level.

Acedamic Programs

Course Name Duration
BS(cs) Afternoon 4 Years
BS(cs) Morning 4 Years