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Faculty of BOTANY

Department of BOTANY

The foundation of the Department of Botany was laid down in 2014. Currently, BS programme is ongoing in the Department and there are about 200 enrolled students. The famous saying that ‘All flesh is Grass’ reflects its significance of Botany in the Biosphere. It began with tribal lore, to identify edible, medicinal and poisonous plants for a number of reasons; they generate oxygen and provide food, fibres, fuel and medicine for life forms to exist on earth. An understanding of Botany can help to become a researcher in an academic/ research organization, understanding fundamentals of life processes, depict environmental changes through use of plants as bioindicators, maintaining sustainable agriculture, forestry and horticulture with efficacy. Department of Botany is striving to facilitate the students through academic activities and with the help of establishment of Centre’s. In this context, Botanic Garden (BG) and Plant Conservation Centre (PCC) are established to enhance the understanding of the basic courses of plant sciences like plant taxonomy etc. In addition to this, Botanical Society is always involved in organizing academic as well as cocurricular activities.



04 YEARS B.S(Hons)

Botany as the mother subject provides baseline to progress all the disciplines of plant sciences of conventional as well as modern era. The discipline of Botany has a broad scope covering so many fields like education, forestry, horticulture, dendrochronology and climatology, research organizations related to agriculture, plant biotechnology, molecular genetics, phycodiversity, lichen biodiversity, plant and microbial genetic engineering, plant metabolic engineering, biopharming etc.

Faculty Introduction