Department Of Mathematics

Students majoring in mathematics in order to pursue advance study, obtain a career in teaching or in the private sector, or achieve intellectual enrichment.Students from majors outside of Mathematics who need to acquire mathematical skills in order to be successful in their majors.Students seeking opportunities, through general education mathematics courses, to investigate the complexity and diversity of human experience while learning to communicate clearly and to think independently, critically, and creatively, with the goal of participating as informed and ethical citizens of the world.Students requiring remediation in mathematics. For each of these groups, the department promotes excellence in the teaching and learning of mathematics, and encourages inquiry, application, and an appreciation of the intrinsic beauty of mathematics.

Faculty Introduction

Maqbool Ahmed

Lecturer / Coordinator
M.Phill Mathematics
Univeristy Of Sargodha, Sargodha

M. Waqas Yasin

M.Phill Mathematics
UET, Lahore

Nabeela Anwar

Associate Lecturer
M.Phill Mathematics
PhD (In progress)
Univeristy Of Gujrat, Gujrat

The four-year BS program in Mathematics aims to provide students with mathematical skill required for applications in various areas of human endeavors and to prepare them for higher studies leading to MS and Ph.D. Besides being expert in mathematics as a subject in its own right, the graduates are equipped to demonstrate expertise in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, scientific computing, mathematical modeling etc. This serves the requirement of basic degree in mathematics and the graduates can take up the specializations in pure mathematics, applied Mathematics, computational mathematics.

Mathematics students at the University of Narowal come from a wide variety of backgrounds and go into an equally diverse range of careers. Mathematical graduates are in high demand across the world and can obtain extremely well paid work in many areas, including accountancy, actuarial work, management consulting and banking, and some go into more general areas of business and management, or in information technology. Most government departments recruit graduates of mathematics at the bachelor level for general staff, or at honours level for their research sections. Large industries and Crown Research Institutes recruit mathematics graduates with a special interest in applications. The increasing demand for research in the mathematical sciences provides an opportunity for those who enjoy mathematics at an advanced level. Mathematics graduates are highly employable due to the advanced problem-solving, analytical skills and higher level numeracy skills developed by studying this subject. Many mathematicians with advanced degrees seek university teaching positions, but there are also many other exciting and fulfilling positions available with an undergraduate degree in mathematics. So Mathematics is found in almost every sector of the job market. Alternatively you may want to use your degree as a springboard to other study.

The prospective candidates require at least 45% marks in their HSSC or an equivalent examination i.e. ICS, Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medical with Additional Mathematics or three years’ diploma from any Government Polytechnic Institute in Electrical /Electronics /IT /Computer Hardware/ Telecom duly recognized from Pakistan Board of Technical Education (PBTE). A candidate must have studied Mathematics of 200 marks at HSSC level.

Acedamic Programs

Course Name Duration
BS (Mathematics) Morning 4 Years
BS (Mathematics) Evening 4 Years