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BS Zoology

04 YEARS B.S(Hons)

Established in 2014, department of zoology is housed in the main building of the university of narowal. Currently, department is offering BS (4 year) degree program and more than 300 students are currently enrolled. The zoology department is fully equipped to meet challenges of new era. The laboratory of the department has all the necessary equipments and instruments for the practical work. Zoology is a multidisciplinary subject which involves Genetics, Ecology, Physiology, Entomology, Parasitology, Microbiology, Palaeontology, Zoogeography, Wildlife, Evolution, Taxonomy, Fisheries etc. The scope of zoology is very wide. After completion of the degree, students can get job/ start their own work in various fields such as teaching, research, agriculture, wildlife, fisheries, livestock, poultry, pharmaceutical, integrated pest management, forestry, administration and management etc.