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The Department of Physics in University of Narowal is playing a vital role among Natural Science Faculty. Physics spans a wide range, from its theoretical and experimental foundation to cutting-edge developments in fundamental and industrial research. Physics, the most fundamental of Sciences, interacts strongly with all other science subjects, making it particularly attractive to students who really want to know how the world works. The basic intention of an academic program in Physics is to develop the student’s critical professional thinking and intuition .The curriculum must be structured to provide a balanced mixture of learning experiences to make the graduate capable of sound professional decisions. The mission of Department of Physics is to produce trained manpower for Colleges, Universities, Electronic industry and national organizations of the country, namely PAEC, PINSTECH, KRL, and PCSIR etc.

Research Program

The faculty of the department is actively engaged in carrying out research in versatile branches of Physics including theoretical as well as experimental research. In future, with commencement of research degree programs the culture of research and development will flourish significantly.


For the success of above mentioned programs, all necessary facilities are provided in the department. The state of the art science laboratories are available for students to gain practical skills along with theoretical knowledge. Library and internet facility is also available to equip the students with knowledge of ongoing research and development all over the Globe. University transport is also available for the students.

Ibn-Al’Haysham Physics Society

This society is working under the umbrella of Physics Department. The students of department participate actively in different educational, sports & recreational activities arranged by the society. The society also arranged a weekly Islamic program “Raha-e-Hidayat” in which faculty of Islamic Study delivered lectures on different aspect of Islam.

Eligibility Criteria

The prospective candidates require at least 45% marks in their HSSC or an equivalent examination i.e. ICS, Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medical with Additional Mathematics or three years’ diploma from any Government Polytechnic Institute in Electrical /Electronics /IT /Computer Hardware/ Telecom duly recognized from Pakistan Board of Technical Education (PBTE). A candidate must have studied Mathematics of 200 marks at HSSC level.

Course summary

  • You how all this mistaken idea of denouncing.
  • Actual teachings of the great explorer of the truth.
  • Nor again is there anyone who loves or pursues or desires to obtain pain of itself.
  • Right to find fault with a man who chooses to enjoy a pleasure.
  • You how all this mistaken idea of denouncing.


Section 1: Introduction to Handstands
Welcome to your firs’t video tutorial. This video will start with a simple introduction. Then, You will open up google cause I’ll show you where you can download the blender software and which version of it will we be using in the entire course period
Note: The download link is available with the lecture, plus the .pdf file is also included for you to download if you still need help downloading the software.
An InDesign template is a beautiful thing. If you find yourself creating the same kind of document over and over again, a template can save you a tremendous amount of time. Working with other designers? A template can help make sure you’re all on the same page. And if you need to get clients up and running on their own, a template can provide the guidance they need to execute a design successfully.
Download PDF
Saving time with a great template provides you with in-depth training on Design. Taught by Anne-Marie ConcepciĂłn as part of the Designing Templates with InDesign
By building in the power tools you need for production—flexible master pages, logical layers, object styles, libraries and snippets, and styles—you’ll have a template that prepares you for success
Templates are a way your small business can save time. When you have documents that you use frequently, such as presentations, minutes, forms and expense reports, you can create them with a template that is already pre-formatted to your specifications. A template also gives your documents a uniform look that can be modified to accommodate your specific needs. Sometimes you may have a PDF document that features a format you wish to use more than once. You can convert it to a Word template so you can use this design as often as necessary.
Setting up layers to streamline production provides you with in-depth training on Design. Photoshop CC now includes Generator, a feature that could mean “no more slices”. Ever. Generator scans your layer names looking for file extensions. Once it finds one it understands, it takes all the pixels it can find on that layer (or, as you will see later, layer group) and saves them to a file of the specified kind
Section 2: Creating a simple master page strategy

While your wrists will certain get stronger from practice and grow accustomed to the stress of the skill, a basic amount of wrist strengthening exercises for several weeks can only help things. I’d recommend working wrist curls and reverse wrist curls for around 6-10 reps for 3 sets. I also strongly recommend trying some sledgehammer levering. Work in 2-3 sets of 3-5 reps. In particular, exercises 1 and 3 are fantastic for building wrist strength and they are much harder than they look! Start with them to get the hang of sledgehammer work before you progress to the other two exercises. I don’t want somebody putting a hole through their floor or their face because they rushed things!
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Start On 01-01-2020
Duration 4 YEARS
Level B.S(Hons)

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