University Rules and

Following are the Rules and Regulations that should be followed

Limited Transport facilities are available for the students on specific routes on payment. The Transport Office generally starts issuing passes for the new year from the date the first year admission lists are displayed in the University. As the seats are limited, passes are issued on first come first served basis by the Transport Office of the University. New passes are issued every year. The payment is made on yearly basis (September to June) for availing the facility. Student may contact the Transport Officer in this connection. In case of any difficulty, Director Transport can be contacted.

Every student is expected to live in harmony with his parents. The student who is desirous of living with some close relative, other than the parents, should produce a written permission letter signed duly to this effect by his father or guardian. The name of the relative, his occupation, designation, address and precise relationship must be specified. It will not be enough to write that the student is going to reside with his cousin, etc

  • T-Shirts, jeans and joggers are not allowed for both male and female students
  • Male students must dress up in dress pants and shirts.
  • Female students should observe simplicity. They are directed to wear only cotton dresses.
  • Students not dressed up properly can be checked by any proctor/member of disciplinary committee within University bounds and will be fined.
  • Students are expected to dress up decently.
  • It is compulsory for every University student to obtain his/her Identity Card from the University Office immediately after his/her admission. Defaulters will be fined
  • Students are directed to contact Dr. Hina Khan, Assistant Professor (Statistics) in this regard.
  • If an Identity Card is lost, a new Card will be issued for Rs.200/-.
  • A student should always display his/her Identity Card at all times. Anyone not in possession of a Card will be fined Rs.50/-. Refusal to show the Identity Card can entail a heavy fine, which will not be condoned.
  • Student's Identity Card is the property of the University. It is compulsory for every student to hand over his/her Identity Card to the University Office for record, if s/he is dropped from the University Rolls, or migrates to another college or at the termination of the University session.
  • For travelling purposes, another Identity Card can be obtained from the University Office after admission by the students who may need it. vii. No certificate/degree will be issued unless the students have deposited their Identity Cards to the University

For BA/BSc (Hons) and MA/MBA, the minimum attendance percentage in each subject to qualify for semester examination will be 75%.

There is no concept of leave in undergraduate and postgraduate academic programmes. However, students will have to maintain minimum attendance requirement for appearing in final examinations..

In case a student leaves the University without the approval of sanctioning/concerned authority and if his/ her attendance falls below 50% in a month s/he will be dropped from the University roll and his/her status will be notified and communicated to the parents.

  • A student who wants to leave the University should apply to the Registrar on the prescribed proforma. His/her application must be countersigned by his/her father/guardian
  • The University leaving certificate will only be issued to the student whose case is verified and authenticated by all the concerned departments of the University and has deposited the University leaving certificate fee and also there is nothing outstanding against him.