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Department of Botany encompasses a wide variety of disciplines, starting from the basic perspectives of the field of Botany and moving on to explore each area of the discipline through broad exposure to industry and laboratory performance. The focus is to produce plant scientists with a great passion for research. The program starts by developing a fundamental understanding of Botany and gradually takes the students to focus on the research spectrum. The outmost objective
is to provide an opportunity to the students to equip themselves with the blend of skills and
knowledge to meet challenges in the national and international arena





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Program Objective

The Department endeavors to pursue and attain the following aims:

The famous saying that “All Flesh is Grass” reflects its significance of Botany in the biosphere. It
began with tribal lore, to identify edible, medicinal, and poisonous plants for a number of reasons;
they generate oxygen and provide food, fibers, fuel, and medicine for life forms to exist on earth.
An understanding of Botany can help to:

  • Understand fundamentals of life processes in living organisms to produce more food and fiber for population using healthier and better hybrid seeds of crops harvested through plant breeding and genetics.
  • Depict environmental changes through the use of plants as bio-indicators and protect plants and endangered plant species through biodiversity conservation techniques.
  • Provide link between academia and industry.
  • To encourage the students to do research.

Program Outcomes

The graduates completing their degrees in the field of Botany are expected to meet International
standards as follows:

  • To enable the students to be acquainted with the latest knowledge of plants sciences
  • To familiarize the student with the basic concepts of Plant Diversity, Biochemistry, Physiology and Genetics.
  • Become a researcher or teacher in a research and/or academic institution.
  • Manage sustainable agriculture, forestry and horticulture with efficacy.


The program shall comprise Eight semesters spread over Four calendar years with two semesters
(Fall/Spring) a year as per rules of the University of Narowal.

Program Structure and Distribution of Courses

The program strictly follows the HEC guidelines and specifications for the Bachelors of Botany.
Following are the distribution of total credit hours:

Sr. Categories No. of courses Credit hours  
1 Compulsory Courses 9+2 25+4=29 Minor Courses
2 General Courses 7 21  
3 Foundation 10 30 Major Courses
4 Major Courses 12 36  
5 Elective Courses 4 12  
  Total 44 128  

Admission Requirements

  •  Minimum 50% marks at Intermediate level or equivalent
  • No third division in Matric
  • Equivalence Certificate from IBCC in case of O Level and A-Level

Assessment & Evaluation

  • Mid-term: 30 %
  • Sessional: 20 %
  • Final Exam: 50 %
  • Total marks: 100 %

Program Detail

  • Total numbers of Credit Hours: 128
  • Program Duration: 4 years
  • Semester Duration: 16weeks
  • Total Semesters: 8
  • Maximum Course load per Semester: 18 Cr hrs.
  • Maximum Number of courses per semester: 6

Contact Info

Mon – Fri 8:00A.M. – 4:00P.M.


The University Of Narowal, Circular Road, Narowal, Pakistan.

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