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The critical role of the subject of Economics and the economists in identifying and suggesting remedial measures for multiple problems hindering the socio-economic growth of a society is well recognized not only in Pakistan but also all over the world. At its present stage of development, Pakistan is facing multiple constraints on the way of economic growth due to a lack of professionals having command over knowledge and its application in various areas of development, policy making, implementation and evaluation.

Even teaching, research, and normal operations of the various institutions in the public and private sectors suffer due to the inadequacy of trained human resources. To fill this gap, we have taken the initiative to train the students with cutting-edge knowledge in economics through undergraduate in economics. These students on graduation will be ready to take jobs in the public and private sector as well as start their own businesses and consultancies in their areas of specialization.

In pursuance of our long-term vision, BS Economics program will start by the University of Narowal in Fall 2020. To further strengthen the BS Economics program, the department is reoriented to offer specializations in Economics & Finance and Business Economics with the objective to prepare students to work in public and private sectors, specifically, banking and development
sector in the country and abroad.


BS Economics


Program Objectives

BS Economics program is designed to equip the graduates with the knowledge of economic theory so that they could understand that how economic agents interact and the economy operates. The graduates of this program are expected not only to identify the economic problems but also to suggest a set of alternative solutions. In the specific following are the objectives of this program:

  • The graduates shall be equipped with the comprehensive knowledge and skill set in order to contribute competently as economist and analyst in various capacities.
  • The graduate shall have cross disciplinary knowledge of the core functions and operations of the economy.
  • The graduate shall be prepared to respect diversity and endeavor to work ethically.
  • The Development of an Understanding of Basic Statistics, Econometrics and Regression Analysis and Their Application in Applied Research.
  • To produce quality economists that will play their constructive role in different public, private sector organizations, policy making, and research.
  • The graduates shall have quantitative research skills to critically analyze economic issues.

Career Opportunities

BS Economics graduates have a large number of career possibilities which include:

  • Education department
  • Banking Sector
  • Plaining officer, Chief economist (Ministry of Plaining & Development)
  • Revenue Department (FBR, PRA)
  • Research Analysist in Organizations
  • NGOs
  • Research Officer


The program shall comprise Eight semesters spread over Four calendar years with two semesters
(Fall/Spring) a year as per rules of the University of Narowal

Program Structure and Distribution of Courses

The program strictly follows the HEC guidelines and specifications for the Bachelors of Economics. Following is the distribution of total credit hours.

Sr. Categories No. of courses Credit hours
1 Compulsory Courses 9+2 25+4=29
2 General Courses 8 24
3 Foundation 8 24
4 Major Courses 14 42
5 Elective Courses 5 15
  Total 46 134

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum 50% marks at Intermediate level or equivalent
  • No third division in Matric
  • Equivalence Certificate from IBCC in case of O Level and A-Level
  • DAE holder is not eligible to apply.

Assessment & Evaluation

  • Mid-term: 30
  • Session: 20
  • Final Exam: 50
  • Total marks: 100

Program Detail:

  • Total numbers of Credit hours: 134
  • Program Duration: 4 years
  • Semester Duration: 16weeks
  • Total Semesters: 8
  • Maximum Course load per Semester: 18 Cr hrs.
  • Maximum Number of courses per semester: 6

Contact Info

Mon – Fri 8:00A.M. – 4:00P.M.


The University Of Narowal, Circular Road, Narowal, Pakistan.

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