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Zoology is a multidisciplinary subject. The program starts by developing a fundamental understanding of the subject in students by teaching them about organisms and their genetic, morphological, and physiological attributes, their surrounding environment, and their role in the conservation of the environment. Zoology is a combination of various disciplines such as Genetics, Physiology, Ecology, Developmental Biology, Microbiology, Parasitology, Entomology, Evolution, Taxonomy, Freshwater Biology, Fisheries, and Wildlife, etc. This subject has a significant role in human resource development, food security, environmental conservation, sustainable development, and ultimately in the alleviation of poverty. The foremost objective was to provide an opportunity for the students to equip themselves with the blend of skills and knowledge to meet challenges in the national and international arena.





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Program Objective

The Department endeavors to pursue and attain the following aims:

  • To perform a lead role in preparing and updating a competent researcher/teacher of different levels and strongly committed to the obligations of the teaching profession.
  • To provide state of the art training and education in the development, management of research processes to produce dynamic and efficient researcher and zoologist.
  • To design, test, and develop innovative curricula, instructional methods and materials and educational assessment, tests, and evaluation techniques in step with the modern advancements.
  • To conduct studies and research on biological theories and practices of different schools of thought, the contemporary issues and problems of education and the challenges and opportunities in the future, and to contribute to the expansion of frontiers of knowledge in the field of Zoology.
  • To organize and participate in national and international seminars and conferences in different aspects of Zoology to share experiences and forge academic bonds with the community.

Program Outcomes

The graduates completing their degrees in the field of education are expected to meet
International standards as follows:

  • To impart knowledge about the major disciplines of Zoology. It will enable the students to understand the principles of organizations and interrelationships in the biological systems with particular reference to animal diversity.
  • To teach different methods of exploration, investigation, organization of data, and its utilization in practical life.
  • To train students for advanced studies and specialization on recently emerging technological and multidisciplinary fields such as Genetic Engineering, Biodiversity, Environmental Science, Wildlife and conservation, Fisheries and aquaculture, Pests and pest management, Biotechnology, etc. After completing the degree/students will be able to apply their knowledge to their respective fields effectively.
  • To equip students with knowledge and skills for better planning and management of animal resources, environment, health, medicine, agriculture, and population in the country.
  • To develop the scientific culture and demonstrate professional skills in teaching/research/ managerial positions in a wide range of professions in national and international organizations


The program shall comprise Eight semesters spread over Four calendar years with two
semesters (Fall/Spring) a year as per rules of the University of Narowal.

Program Structure and Distribution of Courses

The program strictly follows the HEC guidelines and specifications for the Bachelors of
Zoology Following are the distribution of total credit hours:

Sr. Categories No. of courses Credit hours  
1 Compulsory Courses 9+2 25+4=29 Minor Courses
2 General Courses 7 22  
3 Foundation 9 30 Major Courses
4 Major Courses 12 40  
5 Elective Courses 4 12  
  Total 43 133  

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum 50% marks at Intermediate level or equivalent
  • No third division in Matric
  • Equivalence Certificate from IBCC in case of O Level and A-Level

Assessment & Evaluation

  • Mid-term: 30 %
  • Session: 20 %
  • Final Exam: 50 %
  • Total marks: 100 %

Program Detail

  • Total numbers of Credit hours: 133
  • Program Duration: 4 years
  • Semester Duration: 16weeks
  • Total Semesters: 8
  • Maximum Course load per Semester: 18 Cr hrs.
  • Maximum Number of courses per semester: 6

Contact Info

Mon – Fri 8:00A.M. – 4:00P.M.


The University Of Narowal, Circular Road, Narowal, Pakistan.

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