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We are committed to excellence in academics, research, and knowledge exchange. The staff members of the University of Narowal demonstrate collegiality and teamwork which act as catalysts in student’s lifelong learning.
I am delighted that you are joining the academic community at the University of Narowal to start your career. Education at the University of Narowal gives you the edge to involve yourself with passionate faculty who are distinguished leaders in their respective fields. This complemented by a professional industry-oriented curriculum and internationally recognized academic qualification will develop you into an innovative breed of professionals ready to take up the national and international challenges. Studying at the university of narrow will be inspiring, challenging, and rewarding because you will be pushing the boundaries of knowledge at one of the best public sector universities. I welcome you to the University of Narowal and look forward to seeing you on campus soon.

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The University of Narowal was established in 2014 for the public benefit and it is recognized globally. Throughout our great history, The University of Narowal has offered access to a wide range of academic opportunities. We firmly believe in delivering excellence in research and learning in all of our programs ranging from undergraduate to PhDs. The University Of Narowal aims to impart high-quality education, encourage independent thought, driven by critical insight, and create graduates who have the skill set to progress in their professional careers. The University Of Narowal provides extensive support to our students including preparing for a career, mentoring, personal and financial support. Your success at The University of Narowal will be the measure of our success in delivering high-quality education.


In any educational and research institution the Library department holds a key position being the major source of the inflow of knowledge. For this purpose, the library department incorporated 47917 books, textbooks, reference books, theses, periodicals and research journals, etc. The library concerned is equipped with modern software, LMS (Library Management System) for Library automation.

The University Library is vital to the educational mission of the University community. The overall objective of the library is to select, organize, and maintain print and electronic resources that support the curriculum and information needs of the University academic community.

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The University Of Narowal offers as many as 29 Undergraduate Programmes in the disciplines of Engineering, Natural Sciences, Management Sciences, Applied Biosciences, Social Sciences & Humanities, and Art, Design & Architecture.

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Being the dynamic face of higher education in Pakistan, the University Of Narowal offers Master’s Programmes in as many as 60 streams of study in an array of disciplines.

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The University Of Narowal symbolizes quality and excellence. Its spirited faculty, industrious students, and excellent support infrastructure provide an academic environment, found only in the very best of the world universities.

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