Department of Education


Department of Education is committed to transforming lives through education. Young people look for educational opportunities which prepare them to earn a decent living, assume a dignified role in society, render social service, contribute to the progress and prosperity of the nation and participate in shaping the future generations. The Department of Education strives to nurture and fulfill these aspirations of young through professional educational and training programs for careers in teaching at different levels and in different institutions. The department is concerned with methods of teaching in schools and prepare prospective teachers to teach in school-like environment. It also uncovers the opportunities to work at administrative and management positions in education; specialized undertakings in educational leadership, educational psychology, curriculum development and educational assessment & evaluation. The department of education is mainly focusing on producing educational researchers, curriculum experts, assessment experts and educational thinkers by giving opportunities to participate in seminars as well as workshops, to collaborate with national and international speakers and to enhance their research and professional skills.

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Programs Offered

Scheme of Studies
Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs.
ENG-101 Functional English (Compulsory) 3
ISL-101/ETH-101 Islamic Studies/Ethics (Compulsory) 2
EDU-103 General Science (Content) 3
URD-101 Urdu/Regional Language (Content) 3
EDU-101 Child Development (Foundational) 3
EDU-102 General Methods of Teaching (Foundational) 3
Credit Hours 17
PKS -101 Pakistan Studies (Compulsory) 2
ENG-102 Communication Skills (Compulsory) 3
CS-107 Computer Literacy (Compulsory) 3
EDU-104 Classroom Management (Foundation) 3
EDU-105 Teaching of General Science (Professional) 3
EDU-106 Teaching of Urdu (Professional) 3
Credit Hours 17
MATH-108 General Mathematics (Compulsory) 3
ENG-201 Writing & Presentation Skills (Compulsory) 3
EDU-201 Classroom Assessment (Foundation) 3
EDU-202 Instructional & Communication Technology in Education (ICT) (Professional) 2
EDU-203 Methods of Teaching Islamic Studies (Professional) 3
EDU-203 Methods of Teaching Islamic Studies (Professional) 3
Credit Hours 17
EDU-205 Foundation of Education (Foundation) 3
EDU-206 Society, School & Teacher (Foundation) 3
EDU-207 Teaching of English (Professional) 3
EDU-208 Teaching of Mathematics (Professional) 3
EDU-209 Teaching of Social Studies (Professional) 3
EDU-210 Teaching Practice-II (Short Term) 3
Credit Hours 18
EDU-301 Educational Psychology (Foundation) 3
EDU-302 Curriculum Development (Foundation) 3
EDU-303 Art, Crafts & Calligraphy (Content) 3
EDU-304 Content Course-I (from selected discipline-II) Quran Studies 3
EDU-305 Content Course-I (from selected discipline-I) English Content-II 3

Credit Hours 17
EDU-306 Contemporary Trends & Issues in Education (Professional) 3
EDU-307 Comparative Education (Professional) 3
EDU-308 Educational Guidance & Counseling (Professional) 3
EDU-309 Educational Research Planning & Report Writing 3
EDU-310 Content Course-II (from selected discipline-I) Hadith Studies 3
EDU-311 Content Course-II (from selected discipline-I) English Content-II 3
Credit Hours 18
EDU-401 Content Course-III (from selected discipline-I) English Content-III 3
EDU-402 Content Course-III (from selected discipline-II) Fiqh Study 3
EDU-403 Teaching Practice-III (Long Term) (Practical) 6
QURAN-101 Quran Translation-I 2
Credit Hours 14
EDU-404 School Management (Professional) 3
EDU-405 Test Development & Evaluation (Professional) 3
EDU-406 Educational Philosophy 3
EDU-407 Research Project OR Critical Thinking and Reflective Practices 3
QURAN-102 Quran Translation-II 2
Credit Hours 14
Total Credit Hours in 8 Semesters:130
Scheme of Studies
Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs.
EDU-601 Educational Leadership and Management 3(3-0)
EDU-602 Curriculum Development and Instruction 3(3-0)
EDU-603 Educational Psychology 3(3-0)
EDU-604 Research Methods in Education 3(3-0)
Credit Hours 12
EDU-605 Educational Assessment and Evaluation 3(3-0)
EDU-606 Philosophy of Education 3(3-0)
EDU- Elective/ Area of Specialization-I 3(3-0)
EDU- Elective/ Area of Specialization –II 3(3-0)
Credit Hours 12
EDU-701 Thesis 6(0-6)
EDU-701 Thesis 6(0-6)


Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs.
EDU-607 Test and Scale Development (Assessment) 3(3-0)
EDU-608 Human Resource Management (Administration) 3(3-0)
EDU-609 Curriculum Evaluation (Curriculum Development) 3(3-0)
EDU-610 Comparative Assessment (Assessment) 3(3-0)
EDU-611 Organizational Theory & Behavior in Education (Administration) 3(3-0)
EDU-612 Curriculum Change in Education (Curriculum Development) 3(3-0)


Dr. Ghulam Dastgir
Officer In Charge (OIC) Google Scholar Link
Dr. Rukhsana Sardar
Lecturer (BPS-18) Google Scholar Link
Dr. Asad Ali Manzoor
Associate Lecturer Google Scholar Link