Board of Advanced Studies and Research (BASR)

Director’s Message

The purpose of the Board of Advanced Studies and Research (BASR) is to streamline the functioning of postgraduate degree programs that have either already been introduced across all academic departments or to be launched soon. It is the responsibility of BASR to assist all postgraduate students for their approval of supervisory committees, approval of synopsis, approval, and organization of thesis viva voce. To ensure authenticity, transparency, competitiveness, and the timely completion of all degree programs within the allotted time, the BASR is working extremely hard to achieve excellence. We genuinely hope that the incoming students to the University of Narowal will find their alma mater to be quite conducive and valuable for completing their course work and doing research. We are confident and optimistic about the pleasant and learning environment they will find on campus.

  • To process approval of new/revised postgraduate courses through BASR
  • Scrutiny of the synopses of theses, course work programs and supervisory committees of postgraduate students and arranging their approval by BASR.
  • Scrutiny of the theses of postgraduate students to ensure their proper format as laid down by BASR.
  • Recommend panels of names of examiners for evaluation of a research examination; and perform such other functions.
  • Preparation of agenda and conduct of meetings of BASR.
  • Execution of the policies and decisions of BASR.

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    Dr. Muhammad Salman Mubarik
    Additional Director BASR