Sports Office

Sports Office

Directorate of Sports

The accelerated pace of sports achievements of the University has been instrumental in enabling the department to grow from strength to strength and occupy a place of prominence in the developmental road map of the University. Headed by the additional director, the sports department has a well-trained, competent, and fully committed band of Managers representing various disciplines. It needs no reiteration that the Sports Directorate has been moving on the path of sustained growth, both quantitative and qualitative, speedily and steadily crossing important milestones one after the other in terms of improved sports infrastructure development, management (conduct and organization) of intercollege and inter-university sports competitions, and coaching-training facilities.

Transport Office


University of Narowal provides transport on following routes:

  • 1. Narowal to Shakargarh
  • 2. Narowal to Zafarwal
  • 3. Narowal to Pasroor
  • 4. Narowal to Narang Mandi
  • 5. Narowal to Kot Abdullah

  • Faculty

    Dr. Muhammad Hanif
    Additional Director Sports