Project Management Unit

Project Management Unit


The Project Management Unit (PMU) responsibility is to deliver the project End-Item Budget and time limitations, in accordance with technical specification, in fulfillment of project objectives.
  • Planning project activates, tasks and end results. Including doing the work breakdown, scheduling budgeting, coordinating tasks, and allocation resources.
  • Selecting & organizing project team.
  • Interfacing the stakeholders.
  • Monitoring project status.
  • Identifying technical & functional problems.

  • Our Vision:

    We shall strive to ensure sustainable affordable, equitable & quality services in a just, friendly, secure & healthy environment, which promotes social & economics growth for all.

    Members of Department of Project Management Unit

    Engr. Toseef Arshad
    Project Director
    Mr. Ahsan ul Haq
    Accounts Officer
    Mr. Sohail Ahmed
    Assistant Engineer