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Welcome to the Treasurer Office University of Narowal, where excellence is nurtured, pursued and celebrated as we work to provide financial management services to the University faculty, administrative staff and students ensuring transparency, a timely and effective reporting system. The office has a matured mechanism to manage funds, assets and liabilities, income and expenditure of the University.
University of Narowal is striving to provide undergraduate and graduate studies in liberal arts and technical professional disciplines for a productive and prosperous future. Its multi-disciplinary curriculum provides broad-based knowledge and leads to specialization in subjects of student’s choice so as to make them competent professionals. For the accomplishment of the University objectives, support of the Treasurer office is being solicited.


(Budget Estimates 2022-23)
Total budget estimate for the financial year 2022-23 is RS:580 million which is 30% more than the budget of the previous financial year. The major components of the budget are Pay & Allowances, remuneration of visiting faculty and wages of daily wages which are 30%,20% and 15% respectively.
   As for as the Pay and Allowances, the financial impact of twelve is considered against the 50 filled regular posts 65 long term contract posts of different cadres. The posts against long term contract are planned to be filled in the financial year. The university advertised 140 posts of faculty, administrative and allied staff in the preceding financial year and 30 senior administrative and faculty members were recruited and the recruitment process against the remaining posts is in process. The financial impact of 9 months is considered against the posts which are under recruitment process.
   An amount of Rs:25 million is placed as old liability of Special Allowance for the employees against the Higher Education Department Notification #------------------ dated---------.The same has been already recommended by the 5th Finance and Planning Committee and approved from the Syndicate subject to the Chancellor approval. The approval is expected from the Chancellor in the current financial year and the arrears of the allowance will be disbursed accordingly.
   The university is running 18 graduate and 11 post-graduate programs at campus. Currently there are fewer number of faculty members that are too short to meet the academic needs. In order to manage the academic activities, the university has to out-source a large number of faculty members on visiting basis.
   The expected receipts on account of fee and others from the academic programs is Rs.360 million which is insufficient to meet the budget expenditure. In order to meet the spread of receipts and expenditure, an amount of Rs:150 million in the form of Grant-in-Aid is expected in the financial year 2022-2023.

Members of Office of Treasurer

Mr. Muhammad Farooq Azam
Mr. Mian Muhammad Ashraf
Deputy Treasurer