Department of Allied Subjects


The Department of Allied Studies at the University of Narowal encompasses numerous disciplines such as Sociology, Psychology, Pakistan Studies, Islamic Studies and Statistics. The department comprises faculty members from the best universities of the country for imparting quality education to the students. As a commitment to higher and quality education, four academics in the department are PhD whereas the rest are pursuing their doctorate degrees. Apart from permanent or contractual faculty members, the department engages visiting faculty members with the best credentials to meet the demand of allied courses being taught in various departments of the university.  In a similar vein to other departments at the university, the department of allied remains truly committed to engendering the love of learning and knowledge among the students. The department of allied works in cooperation with other departments for providing instructors for the introductory level allied courses. The education imparted to students not only serves to make them better professionals, but better human beings who can be useful members of society and an asset for the country. The allied courses enable students to make better sense of the problems or the questions triggered in a rational mind. It offers them the perspective to analyze and look upon a problem from various dimensions before going for a solution. In a rapidly changing world, knowledge has to be constantly updated, so the faculty members make sure that students are being provided with up-to-date knowledge in the form of books and articles.

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Dr. Mazhar Hussain
Assistant Prof. in Islamic Studies
Officer In Charge (OIC) Google Scholar Link
Mr. Hamad Tariq
Lecturer in Pakistan Studies Google Scholar Link
Dr. Arslan Ahmad
Lecturer of Pakistan Studies Google Scholar Link
Dr Sabila Naseer
Lecturer of Applied Psychology (BPS-18) Google Scholar Link
Dr Ahmad Raza Ul Habeeb
Associate Lecturer in Islamic Studies Google Scholar Link
Dr. Waqas Ali Khan
Associate Lecturer in Sociology Google Scholar Link
Dr. Abid Hussain
Associate Lecturer in Pakistan Studies
# Google Scholar Link