Department of Biotechnology


Do you want to learn about life's mechanics and how to improve human and animal health, food security/safety, energy generation, and environmental quality? Biotechnology is a multidisciplinary major that has an impact on almost every aspect of modern human life. All biotechnology students develop a general background in biological sciences, with an emphasis on the genetics, molecular biology, and cell biology principles. The biotechnology degree provides suitable preparation for a wide variety of careers, including teaching, research, and work with biotechnology industries.

We have a long-term vision of enhancing education, innovation, and entrepreneurial activity in the regional and national biotechnology sector.

Promote the development and use of current state of the art molecular biology tools to meet regional challenges in agriculture, healthcare, and the environment.

Programs Offered

Scheme of Studies
Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs.
BIOT-101 Introduction to Biotechnology 3(3-0)
ENG-101 Functional English 3(3-0)
STAT-105 Biostatistics 3(3-0)
PKS-101 Pakistan Studies 2(2-0)
BCH-205 Biosafety & Bioethics 3(3-0)
CHEM-101 Inorganic Chemistry I 4(3-1)
Credit Hours 18
BIOT-102 Biochemistry I 3(2-1)
ENG-102 Communication Skills 3(3-0)
ISL-101 Islamic Studies/ Art and Culture 2(2-0)
CS-105 Introduction to Computer Applications 3(2-1)
CHEM-102 Organic Chemistry I 4(3-1)
ENV-202 Fundamentals of Ecology 3(3-0)
Credit Hours 18
BIOT-201 Biochemistry II 3(2-1)
BIOT-202 Classical Genetics 3(3-0)
ENG-201 Technical Writing & Presentation Skill 3(3-0)
MATH-104 Basic Mathematics 3(3-0)
CHEM-201 Physical Chemistry 4(3-1)
QURAN-101 Quran Translation I/ Ethics I 2(2-0)
Credit Hours 18
BIOT-203 Cell Biology 3(2-1)
BIOT-204 Molecular Biology 3(3-0)
BIOT-205 Plant Transformation 4(3-1)
PSY-101 Introduction to Psychology 3(3-0)
BCH-204 Enzymology 3(2-1)
QURAN-102 Quran Translation II/ Ethics II 2(2-0)
Credit Hours 18
BIOT-301 Microbiology 3(2-1)
BIOT-302 Analytical Chemistry & Instrumentation 3(2-1)
BIOT-303 Methods in Molecular Biology 3(2-1)
BIOT-304 Agriculture Biotechnology 3(3-0)
BIOT-305 Health Biotechnology 3(2-1)
BIOT-306 Bioinformatics 3(3-0)
Credit Hours 18
BIOT-307 Environmental Biotechnology 3(0-3)
BIOT-308 Industrial Biotechnology 3(3-0)
BIOT-309 Epigenetics 3(3-0)
BIOT-310 Genomics & Proteomics 3(3-0)
BIOT- Elective I 3(3-0)
BIOT- Elective II 3(3-0)
Credit Hours 18
BIOT-401 Principles of Biochemical Engineering 3(2-1)
BIOT-402 Introduction to Genome Editing Technologies 3(2-1)
BIOT-403 Research Methodology & Skill Enhancement 3(3-0)
BIOT- Elective III 3(3-0)
BIOT- Elective IV 3(3-0)
MGT-306 Entrepreneurship 3(3-0)
Credit Hours 18
BIOT-404 Internship/ Research Project/ Special Problem 6(0-6)
Credit Hours 6
Total Credit Hours in 8 Semesters:132


Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs.
BIOT-311 Animal Biotechnology 3(3-0)
BIOT-312 Water and Waste-water Treatment 3(0-3)
BIOT-313 Nano Biotechnology 3(3-0)
BIOT-314 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology 3(3-0)
BIOT-405 Molecular Diagnostics 3(3-0)
BIOT-406 Cell and Tissue Culture 3(3-0)
BIOT-407 Molecular Virology 3(3-0)
BIOT-408 Fermentation Biotechnology 3(3-0)


Dr Muhammad Salman Mubarik
Assistant Professor
Officer In Charge (OIC) Google Scholar Link