Environmental Sciences


The significance of environmental issues is univocally accepted worldwide. The need of environmental awareness and research has been realized as the most important educational domain for human protection and safety. Environmental Sciences is a challenging and important field of science. Environmental degradation has occurred over time due to population explosion, over exploitation of resources, increasing land use, lack of environmental awareness, climatic shift etc. due to which it is nowadays a global issue of concern.

The curriculum and the courses are designed in line with the HEC guidelines in an effective manner which makes the program highly research oriented. The programs offered in the Department of Environmental Science will be a significant contribution to the existing pool of environmental awareness and research and will help to develop intellectuals and researchers to solve environmental issues of the world in general and the country in particular. In line with the socio-economic development requirements of the country, these program are highly capable of meeting the current demands of environmental protection and sustainable development. The Environmental Sciences department at University of Narowal (UON) seeks to provide students with opportunity to engage in an intensive academic environment that includes multi-disciplinary, cutting-edge research, and an entrepreneurial ecosystem

The department envisions that Environmental Science is a multidisciplinary subject combining ecosystem processes and human activities. The understanding of knowledge and skills acquired through studying Environmental Science is critical to the attainment of sustainable development for sound environmental management.

The mission of the Department is to make people aware of the hazards of environmental pollution and offer viable solutions to these problems. Courses for the degrees offered at the Department including BS Environmental Science and MPhil Environmental Science have been designed to deliver a sound theoretical knowledge and practical expertise of scientific principles that would enable graduates to effectively address the local to global environmental issues.

Programs Offered

Scheme of Studies
Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs.
ENV-101 Introduction to Environmental Science 3(3-0)
ENG-101 Functional English 3(3-0)
PKS-101 Pakistan Studies 2(2-0)
CS-105 Introduction to Computer Applications 3(2-2)
PSY-101 Introduction to Psychology 3(3-0))
IR-101 Introduction to International Relation 3(3-0)
Credit Hours 17
ENV-102 Introduction to Earth Sciences 3(3-0)
ENG-102 Communication Skills 3(3-0)
ISL-101/ETH-101 Islamic Studies/ Ethics 2(2-0)
QURAN-101 Quran Translation-I 3(2-0)
ZOO-305 Wild life 3(3-0))
BOT-203 Biodiversity and Conservation 3(2-2)
Credit Hours 17
ENV-201 Environmental Pollution 3(3-0)
ENV-202 Environmental Pollution 3(3-0)
ENG-201 Writing & Presentation Skill 3(3-0)
MATH-104 Basic Mathematics 3(3-0)
QURAN-102 Quran Translation-II 2(2-0))
CHEM-203 Environmental Chemistry 3(3-0)
Credit Hours 17
ENV-203 Population and Environment 3(3-0)
ENV-204 Environmental Microbiology 3(2-2)
ENV-205 Environmental Profile of Pakistan 3(3-0)
STAT-101 Introduction to Statistics 3(3-0)
ECON-106 Introduction to Economics 3(3-0))
MGT-306 Entrepreneurship 3(3-0)
Credit Hours 18
ENV-301 Climate Change 3(3-0)
ENV-302 Environmental Management Systems 3(3-0)
ENV-303 Air and Noise Pollution 2(2-0)
ENV-304 Environmental Economics 3(2-2)
ENV-305 Environmental Toxicology 3(3-0))
ENV-306 Occupational health and Safety Approaches 3(3-0)
Credit Hours 18
ENV-307 Solid Waste Management 3(3-0)
ENV-308 Water and Wastewater Treatments 3(3-0)
ENV-309 Research Planning & Report Writing 3(2-2)
ENV-310 Environmental Impact Assessment 3(2-2)
ENV-311 Environmental Laws and Policies 3(3-0)
ENV-311 *Elective-I 3(3-0))
Credit Hours 18
ENV-401 Energy and Environment 3(3-0)
ENV-402 Environmental Monitoring 3(3-0)
ENV-403 Natural Resource Management 3(3-0)
*Elective-II 3(2-2)
ENV- Internship-I/ Final Year Project (FYP)-I/Thesis-I/Special Problem-I 3(3-0))
Credit Hours 15
*Elective-III 3(3-0)
*Elective-IV 3(3-0)
ENV- Internship-II/ Final Year Project (FYP)-II/ Thesis-II/Special Problem-II 3(3-0)
Credit Hours 09


Scheme of Studies
Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs.
*ENV-404 Analytical techniques for Environmental monitoring 3(2-2)
*ENV-405 Pollution control Technologies 3(2-2)
*ENV-406 Climatology 3(2-2)
ENV-407 Surface and Ground Water hydrology 3(3-0)
ENV-408 Landuse Change and Environment 3(3-0)
ENV-409 Coastal and Marine Environment 3(3-0)
ENV-410 Applied Ecology 3(3-0)
ENV-411 Soil Microbiology 3(3-0)
ENV-412 Eco health 3(3-0)
ENV-413 Environmental Ethics 3(3-0)
ENV-414 Environmental Project Management 3(3-0)
Scheme of Studies
Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs.
ENV-601 Research Methods in Environmental Science 3(3-0)
ENV-602 Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation 3(2-2)
ENV- Elective I 3(3-0)
ENV- Elective II 3(3-0)
Credit Hours 12
ENV-603 Strategic Environmental Assessment 3(3-0)
ENV-604 Environmental Analytical Techniques 3(2-2)
ENV- Elective III 3(3-0)
ENV- Elective IV 3(3-0)
Credit Hours 12
ENV-701 Special Problem 1(0-1)
ENV-702 Seminar-I 1(0-1)
ENV-703 Research Thesis 6(0-6)
Credit Hours 32
Credit Hours 32


Scheme of Studies
Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs.
ENV-605 Environmental Chemistry 3(2-2)
ENV-606 Applied Environmental Microbiology 3(3-0)
ENV-607 Environmental Sociology 3(3-0)
ENV-608 Environmental Geology 3(3-0)
ENV-609 Disaster Risk Management 3(3-0)
ENV-610 Epidemiology 3(3-0)
ENV-611 Green Economy 3(3-0)
ENV-612 Environmental Biotechnology 3(3-0)
ENV-613 Alternative Energy Sources 3(3-0)
ENV-614 Remote Sensing & GIS 3(3-0)
ENV-615 Health, Safety and Environmental Management 3(3-0)
ENV-616 Urban Ecology 3(3-0)
ENV-617 Restoration Ecology 3(3-0)
ENV-618 Global Environmental Politics 3(3-0)
ENV-619 Coastal Environment and Management 3(3-0)
ENV-620 Environmental Application of Nanomaterials 3(3-0)
ENV-621 Environmental Auditing 3(3-0)
Dr. Sumaira Kanwal
Assistant Professor
Officer In Charge (OIC)
sumaira.kanwal@uon.edu.pk Google Scholar Link