Department of Physical Education


The Centre was established as “Physical education & Sports science” in 2015. The first batch of this degree program was admitted in August, 2015. As per HEC directives in 2015, Centre introduced BS-4 year degree program in Health & Physical Education in 2005 Pioneering of the program in Pakistan. BS (HONS) Bachelors in Physical education & sports science degree program was also introduced to provide skilled manpower in the field of Physical Education to cater the growing demand in secondary schools, colleges, universities and other national organizations, program which is successfully going on.
The curriculum and pedagogy of the program seeks to emphasize the enhancement of professional abilities and skills of the students with overall leadership qualities.
This department is flourishing day by day and has got recognition all over Pakistan as its students have achieved Top ranking in many competitive exams in the job market of all Provinces and Federal Government as well. 95% students are on jobs. The Centre has qualified and experienced faculty devoted to disseminating Knowledge, Skills and experience to their students.

Our programs emphasize scientific academic preparations combined with on the playfield experiences, coaching techniques and Human Performance Laboratory Analysis (HPLA) We provide an environment and our faculty encourages the students for applied research in areas of Exercise Physiology, Sports Psychology, Sports Nutrition, Sports Bio-mechanics, Scientific Coaching, Sports Administration & Management and Marketing Research in Sports.

We believe that the mission to which we have been and are committed has significant beneficial effects on our sports organizations in our society. We need to create a strong foundation in order to offer quality education to our students. Our strategic plan continues as we set priorities of the future that will bring sports successfully in Pakistan.

Programs Offered

Course code Course Title Credit Hrs.
ENG-101 English I (Compulsory 1) 3+0
PK-101 Pakistan Studies (Compulsory 2) 2+0
MATH-101 Mathematics I (Compulsory 3) 3+0
PE-102 Fundamental Application of Physics (General 1) 3+0
PE-100 Philosophical basis of physical education (Foundation 1) 3+0
PE-101 Rules & techniques of games (Foundation 2) 2+2
Credit Hours 16+2
ENG-102 English II (Compulsory 4) 3+0
ISL-102 Islamic Studies / Ethics (Compulsory 5) 2+0
MATH-102 Mathematics II / Univ. Optional (Compulsory 6) 3+0
PE-103 Biochemistry (General 2) 3+0
PE-104 Biomechanics (Foundation 3) 3+0
PE-105 Track & field (Foundation 4) 2+2
Credit Hours 16+2
ENG-201 English III (Compulsory 7) 3+0
IT-101 Introduction to Computer (Compulsory 8) 3+0
PE-210 Human Biology (General 3) 2+0
PE-211 Rules & Techniques of Swimming & Gymnastics (Foundation 5) 2+2
PE-212 Basics of Human Anatomy (Foundation 6) 3+0
PE-213 Practical (Games) 0+2
Credit Hours 13+4
ENG-202 English IV/ Univ. Optional (Compulsory 9) 3+0
PE-215 Introduction to modern technologies (General 4) 3+0
PE-217 Sports Sociology (General 5) 2+0
PE-216 Administration and Management in Sports (Foundation 7) 3+0
PE-214 Basics of Human Physiology (Foundation 8) 3+0
PE-218 Practical (Track & Field) 0+2
Credit Hours 14+2
PE-320 Science of Sports Training (Major 1) 3+0
ES-101 Environmental Sciences (General 6) 3+0
PE-322 Physical Education for Special population (Elective 1) 3+0
PE-321 Sports Nutrition (Major 2) 3+0
STAT-101 Introduction to Statistics (General 7) 3+0
Credit Hours 15
PE-323 Specialization in one group of track and field (Elective 4) 1+2
PE-324 Research Methodology in Physical Education (Major 3) 3+0
PE-325 Planning Sports Facilities (Foundation 9) 3+0
PE-326 Test, Measurement & Evaluation in Phy: Edu: & Sports (Major 4) 3+0
PE-328 Research Proposal 2+0
PE-327 Practical (Teaching Practice) 0+2
Credit Hours 12+4
PE-432 Trauma & Rehabilitation (Major 5) 3+0
PE-434 Exercise Physiology (Major 6) 3+0
PE-431 Research Thesis / Project (Major 7) 3+0
PE-433 Planning for Scientific Sports Coaching (Foundation 10) 3+0
PE-430 Specialization in one game (Elective 2) 1+2
Credit Hours 13+2
PE-435 Sports Medicine (Major 8) 3+0
PE-437 Curriculum Development in Physical Education (Major 9) 3+0
PE-438 Role of Media in Sports (Elective 3) 3+0
PE-436 Sports Psychology (Major 10) 3+0
PE-439 Comprehensive Viva (Major 11) 3+0
Credit Hours 15
1 of Lab. / Practical = 3 Academics / Contact Hours